About us

About Us

K-gear trademark has been used by Petr Kolomý company since August 2001. The first public presentation of the trademark took place during OUTDOOR 2001 trade fair in Fridrichshafen, Germany. K-gear trademark represents a quality equipment for outdoor activities and water sports with a primary focus on functionality. The company headquarters is located in the Czech Republic approximately 100 km east of Prague, in the regional capital Pardubice (see Contact info). Here the company manufactures and develops the major part of its product portfolio using own know-how, own technical facilities and capital.


You may have encountered our products as soon as in 1991, when the production of air bags for kayaks and canoes preventing their sinking (buoyancy bags) has been started. In the same year we have also started production of waterproof bags. A large number of products for other customers have followed since that time. The common feature is 100% hermetic joining (inflatable boats and other vessels, buoys, bags for deaeration of moulds with composites, heavy-duty bags for paragliding, etc.). An important milestone is year 2001, which represents an actual birth of a new brand name on the market.


The main technology is a high-frequency welding (RF welding) ensuring high quality joining showing the same properties as the material joined with the lifetime guarantee. The present status of technology, know-how and human resources ranks us among leading companies in our industry.

We are fighting with our competitors for your favor.

You will always make a good deal with K-gear brand !

Petr Kolomý,company founder