Interferential rescue whistle

Invaluable tool for rescue activities, but also in normal life. Noise with a level of only 2 dB under the pain threshold can often drive the attacker away.
Very small, lightweight, flat and space saving (5 x 2 x 1 cm). It is approved for utilization on life vests, for diving, life rafts and rescue squads (official SOLAS approved). Thanks to its patented design and utilization of surge effect when combining two close frequencies it represents the most powerful whistle on the market 117 dB - 120 dB! (verified by the authorized testing laboratory 1 m from the sound source). Very strident sound with a frequency of 3.2 kHz.You will draw attention to yourself in every situation with 100% guarantee of functionally and with the minimum effort (whistle can also be used by small children!)
Key features:
high performance – immediately after emergence (120 dB !!!)
small dimensions and flat design – (5 x 2 x 1 cm), space saving, lightweight
luminescence model available on request
low weight (5g only)

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Product Code 07030001
Product Length 50 mm
Product Width 20 mm
Product Heigth 10 mm
Product Weight 5 g