Throw Bag "Ultra Series" 15m

When we start design of our new throwbag we set the target make really funkcional things without any excessive and functionless details. Simply against main stream :-)
We solve our target succesfull !
Please look at minimalism and funcionality in practice. All for maximum safe !

How to make bag with a minimum seams ?

1. We made bag from rough durable polyester fireman hose ...Of course designed under our needs by manufacturer of hoses.
(By the manufacturer opinion do not exist more durable solution ...)
Then you can´t find the seam arround the bag. This is simple a tube. Wery strong tube ! Then do not need any coating for stabilization of  fabric structure. Fabric is permeable, breath and dry quicky...

2. The reduction amount of parts for the body to one only.
After few tests we select best shape for bag which do not need bottom part.
This shape stitch computer guided sewing machine for best performance.
The design for maximum safety ensure that the bags will hold the contain inside even the seams will be broken.

3. Simple closing system
Easy to replace when is broken
No buckles, no tunnel for line, no brake...
The elastic rope simply goes thru brass eyelet reinforced holes.
Our protected closing system you may open in stress.
The Overlapping elastic line you may fix to the bottom handle and made simple fixing loop.

The material we can´t cut because is too strong. We must use hot wedge cutting tool...
When we cut the tube at the bottom end we weld this seam. For more safety we stitch several time this seam.
Of course we use branded polyester threads and accurate computer guided sewing machine.
All holes is burning-up in material and reinforced with the rustless brass eyelets.
Buoyancy secure high quality closed cells PE foam.
In the bag we can use different floating line.The signed lenght of the line is pure distance - we add 1m for loops and knots.
Standard one is first quality PP floating line provided by our Czech manufacturer.
Simply fair European materials and manufacturing.
Power in details ...

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Product Code 07010215
Product Length 20 cm
Product Width 12 cm
Product Heigth 9 cm
Product Weight 600 g
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